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Yes you should of made it all. So that it would be clearer.

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Zurr 31.03.2018
When you have god concepts who's existence are mutually exclusive, then by the laws of logic, they can't both exist.
Goltizahn 04.04.2018
I asked YOUR opinion about work of army and law enforcement. You seem to believe it's bigoted to protect a country's borders.
Mazugor 05.04.2018
In any way talking about a theology: Diety has to do with the most high essence or substance as a humans mind understand that only apply to The Creator God and the fact, any other entity of the same substance that of The Creator in instance His Only Begotten has that distinction of a fallower, a secound in line in that gender, spice or type produced with the same most high matter inherits what the word DIVINE imply.
Diktilar 08.04.2018
I don't care about the quibbles between religious fanatics. I'm happy to have them fight that out amongst themselves.
Kizilkree 13.04.2018
You would like the book.
Arashiramar 18.04.2018
Korban means draw near. Not sure how that is spiritual?
Sataur 20.04.2018
I know the vedic scriptures and have read the upanishads which state that reality is non-dual. Please give me a pass.
Sagar 21.04.2018
Fear god?? God, that is essence of love, compassion, ... and rest? Are you sure we are talking about same god? Hmmm ... maybe then it is as we ex Christians know, only god of hate, sadism, murder, ....
Kigalkis 25.04.2018
"And this year, he issued the same proclamations, once again leaving out LGBT Pride."
Nelabar 28.04.2018
It was a minor faith. sure it spread but it was minor. Like dozen other ones all thought the empire. It was the power of the empire that made it.
Tygorg 05.05.2018
LOL I resemble that remark... OMG. I guess I need more therapy.
Dalabar 08.05.2018
Ok, then she lied when she said they didn't. She is still a liar. Why do people assume she was booked on Hannity to lie? Which story was she claiming at the time? Maybe Hannity booked her to say what she was claiming was the truth.
Mugar 16.05.2018
I didn't ask if Trump's been convicted.
JoJolkis 19.05.2018
Chacun a son gout, as they say. But these things are in fact separable. As my comments on TAD have perhaps made clear, I have some very substantial philosophical convictions, and I would never advance those convictions by lying. But if indeed one is motivated by bigotry and racism -- which are themselves collections of lies -- I'm sure it's much easier not to be concerned about the means by which one advances them.
Fek 23.05.2018
No, it isnt opinion. We have the Bible to tell us.
Akinobei 29.05.2018
All of this. And maybe email is better.
Kagazuru 02.06.2018
maybe that's a reason that would support them to stop using it?
Mazuk 11.06.2018
In the Beginning....
Dainos 15.06.2018
My reading skills are not the ones that are questionable.
Shaktijinn 22.06.2018
Ever heard of Anders Behring Breivik?
Zolotilar 26.06.2018
...this is for those confused and honestly seeking the truth. It could be you.
Malall 28.06.2018
"Trump was cited for housing discrimination; he called Haiti and African
Mik 02.07.2018
What a revelation? So now you are the God? So why are you on an internet website pretending to be someone else? You are quite weird. I think I'll leave you alone and to your own imagination,
Arashizshura 11.07.2018
I agree. That's what makes it so mysterious. God never said it would be easy. He wants us to think.
Tam 16.07.2018
Apparently I hum when I am eating REALLY good food. I don't realize I do it.