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Not sure if you noticed but nothing good really happened until Christianity nearly died when the grotesque theft of the sale of indulgences helped precipitate the reformation. It was only then that rational thinking could sneak in and the enlightenment could happen... THAT is what we are still reaping the benefits from: the near-death of Christianity!

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Fezragore 19.03.2018
The unfolding "design" is in respect of a process of systemic feedback and appreciation. Systemic feedback and appreciation seem to entail conscious determination. Unless one prefers to imagine that everything that can occur does occur somewhere or sometime in some universe.
Arakree 24.03.2018
That's not what anyone is saying.
Shakale 25.03.2018
Really? You read my comment?
Tagore 30.03.2018
You should see my temple shows. ;-)
Dairan 05.04.2018
Brothers Grimm, Aesop and so many others have useful stories to tell.
Zurisar 12.04.2018
Obviously you do not have the first clue of the infinite character of God.
Satilar 20.04.2018
knock yourselves out, if you think you would be better off. we can still negotiate bilaterally with any of the countries involved in said trade deals.
Sale 22.04.2018
It isn't which is why it is permissible as foreplay, but not as the main event.
Faezil 28.04.2018
Socialism is hunky-dory until you run out of everybody else's money. It's government run Social Security and healthcare that is breaking the bank in America. The isolated counties that have privatize Social Security end up getting more money at the end than the rest of us.
Vihn 30.04.2018
This topic reminds me of the time I took my male dog to the vet for a check up. It was after my other dog had to be put to sleep bc the cancer was taking her out. She was so damn skinny, it was horrible to witness her go from this beautiful muscular solid girl to a bag of bones.
Talkree 03.05.2018
*crossing fingers and toes*
Togar 13.05.2018
Once we can calibrate the "super" natural it will be the "NATURAL"
Kazikazahn 21.05.2018
it's been proven to me now 40 years...
Arashikree 30.05.2018
It wasn't anywhere near as broad as "Israel" where use of Roman coin was a problem. It was one specific building and one specific activity.
Kazahn 01.06.2018
No, sir. You are incorrect. Catholicism may be 80% pagan, but NOT Christianity. You need to get educated.
Mazura 09.06.2018
Just received an email advert for "matching parents and kids glasses"
Jugami 17.06.2018
I?ve been up all night though- that my excuse s???????? grogginess
Kazragul 18.06.2018
It is wise to hide from the challenge. Let's make it easier, want to compare DD 214s?
Nerg 21.06.2018
You can provide link as reference, but I really want you to make your best case for Macro evolution and this is post #5/6? I'm asking for that. It's not rocket science, dude. It's not like the "Theory of Relativity". It's really very simplistic and basic, but the "evidence" isn't compelling. It's actually really ridiculous.
Kagor 27.06.2018
Like the Melania conspiracies?
Malak 01.07.2018
Actually I think the "definition" (#1) part is valid for both of you. Theist and atheist alike often "redefine" what words mean, sometimes on the fly. I know many atheists hate the phrase "true Christian" because to them, it means there are 'false Christians,' which may monkey with that atheists' point. Theists, on the other hand, vary from person to person on what God of the bible is - Duality? Trinity? Singular? Spirit or physical? I think you get where I'm going...
Mikarr 06.07.2018
On personal hiatus.