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But that porridge was MUCH too cold.

As luck would have it, my muscles froze along with it and I was left standing there, unable to move. " "Now I need a picture. Everything is as clear, crystal clear, as it could ever be.

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"You are in the House of our Lord.

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What do you mean by the universe? Space and time? I have no idea. But what the gospel says about Gods existence is very clear. Alpha and omega, spoke everything into reality and nothing came after or before him.

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Am tags fresh teen elli Teen
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Kazim 20.04.2018
I appreciate your thoughts, J Gait. Thank you
Tur 28.04.2018
The ACLU could give a shit about religious freedom, freedom of speech, expression etc...all coupled into the first amendment.
Voodoozilkree 07.05.2018
I presume you have no issue with the US forbidding Mormons from their religious practice called polygamy?
Akinojinn 17.05.2018
On the evolution of humanity:
Shajar 19.05.2018
Yes and without a capability to tell one literary tactic from another, one would think it's six twenty-four hour periods.
Zugal 21.05.2018
LOL, with tariffs like Europe and Canada put on U.S. products, that are punitive to say the very least, we don't need allies like that. They're making us pay them so that we can pay to defend them. That's not logical. Canada charges us 270% for dairy products. Germany charges us the "mehrwertsteuer" or value added tax, for products that are made in the United States. A value added tax for products that had NO source in Germany. That, alone is 17%, what do we charge for them to access our markets? 2.5%. That is NOT a balanced trade situation. We wouldn't go bankrupt, we'd make quite a bit of money for a while on our own. Mercantilism is false, the amount of products and services the U.S. produces would be in demand and that pressure would make Canada and Europe break quickly. When I was stationed in Germany, the Germans willingly paid $8 a box for corn flakes. Regular old Kellogg's corn flakes. They LOVED peanut butter and would pay through the nose for it. What happens if it didn't cost 20% more? They'd be buying it by the ton. Everybody is better off when trade is fair. Right now, it isn't.
Bralrajas 28.05.2018
I empathize with what you are saying, even as a woman. There's a paradoxical kind of closeness one can feel with a partner knowing that they see what else is out there but choose not to stray. Many people have been burned in the past by cheating and/or partners drawing attention to others in an attempt to put them down though, so it can be extremely difficult to not take the subject the wrong way.
Sakinos 07.06.2018
Do you know who Iabmlichus or Philostratus were? Look them up. Can you name just one, actual Greco-Roman biography and the author? Just one? Name one Greco-Roman biography and describe how it's significantly different from the Gospels (Gaelic Wars isn't a biography).