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The OT comes from the Jewish Tanakh. Jewish people have interpreted quite differently than Christianity and has many commentaries.

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Free couple seduce teen movies
Free couple seduce teen movies
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Obama economy still strong despite Trump?
Malajind 27.02.2018
Rob? Who mentioned Rob? Why, I believe it was you.
Zurg 10.03.2018
Nope, he just had one yesterday. I guess you don't watch the news huh Cletus?
Tashakar 12.03.2018
You disproved nothing. Anyone can string together a bunch of nonsense that sounds important but is, in reality, no sense liberals do it every time they open their mouths.
Sharr 21.03.2018
I didn't want to take them all. You can ban this one. ??
Tygom 23.03.2018
All sins are equal, apparently. A 3-year-old shoplifter is equal to a rapist/wife-beater. We all deserve movies made about us!
Barr 30.03.2018
I have no idea of what you are talking. Yes we have large numbers of Africans, most from south of the Sahara that are being attacked by locals as they go north trying to get to Europe which formerly held their lands as colonies. They have heard there are jobs and a better life. Without a job and often with a failing or failed farm due to progressive desiccated of farm land plus rapidly expanding population. These people are attacked, exploited, stolen from even murdered if they have nothing left. Actually like many of the European immigrants to America from Eastern and Southern Europe in the 19th century.
JoJojar 06.04.2018
Oh obama is such a hero ...