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God is larger than individual religions. But even then some systems deny that God is a creator who miraculously intervenes in nature. That's my own panentheistic definition, and it was the definition of the ancient Christian Gnostics.

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Outdoors and having sexy fun Outdoor
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Jugami 22.02.2018
Really? In 887CE, a Christian monk named Vetus Syndicon said that all of the books, apocryphal and canonical were placed on an altar, where upon the council prayed for god to decide and all of the non canonical books fell off the altar.
Netaur 23.02.2018
One of the problems with mitochondrial DNA is that it only passes from mother to daughter. I know in human studies, the understanding is that the lack of diversity in modern mitochondrial DNA can be explained by the fact that many human mothers failed to have any daughters that lived or had a daughter themselves. Thus the line of mitochondrial DNA stopped.
Gashura 02.03.2018
What do you mean, "right now?"
Voodookora 07.03.2018
There is no universe without a sensory apparatus (human organism) to perceive it. Otherwise it is only a POTENTIAL universe made of quarks and vacuum. And we aren't sure exactly what a quark or a vacuum is but they are known via the human sensory system.
Vusho 17.03.2018
Funny that Trump was the one who said being investigated amounted to being guilty...
Mogis 23.03.2018
You're consternation is misplaced. Stop playing the tribal game.
Nizil 26.03.2018
See my above post..... Its to do with a woman's changing hormones whilst pregnant, so I have read. ?? ??
Kanos 03.04.2018
Have you seen other videos of him? I don't think the "rehabilitation" worked.
Arashirisar 09.04.2018
Here is a question to ponder. What if you were the one aborted? Assuming you could look back at your life, would you give it enough value to fight for your inherent chance at life?
Tojalabar 14.04.2018
Actually, JoN is recorded as having written something; in the dust, which was wiped away, just before he told the accused adulteress to "go, and sin no more."
Akinokora 21.04.2018
"So, Muslims are allowed to refuse to sell forks to a restaurant that serves pig? Or Hindus can refuse to sell forks to the owner of a steakhouse?"
Zololkree 25.04.2018
Good Lord. Do you read the comments before you reply? Or do you just launch into rant mode?
Samukasa 03.05.2018
The Sausage Sucker posts a piece from RT. I thought you asswipes hated the Russians?
Vozshura 06.05.2018
Better than the endorsement of the unconvicted crooks from the NDP "intelligentsia." :-)
Faenris 11.05.2018
"why are you jumping to conclusions?"