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Lesbian Babysitter Lena Paul Scissors with Mommy!

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False. Strawman argument. God does NOT want a "Christian Theocracy" in America or anywhere else. Christians do not want that either. That is just the same kind of lie that the left always promotes. God already has His own plan for the universe, as explained in His Word. It is being fulfilled as we speak.

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Essex teen pics
Essex teen pics
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Kazragrel 14.05.2018
I don't either. And I don't see where she ever said she would change a thing, or that she doesn't love her kids dearly. It's just a lot, and some people like to assume SAHM don't work as hard as people that work outside the home.
Doukazahn 23.05.2018
"I am inclined to believe that he was fictional."
Vole 27.05.2018
This is not a problem for evolutionists to explain, because evolutionists make up ad hoc explanations after the fact to accommodate whatever the evidence shows. This can be very simply explained with their new Super Duper Turbo Charged Punctuated Equilibrium
Gardajar 27.05.2018
Another nutter advertises his ignorance.....??
Doukree 29.05.2018
The Jesus character was not rich. Those that came up with him may have been.
Takree 31.05.2018
Everything must eat to survive; humans are no exception to that.
Yozshugal 02.06.2018
That looks awesome Nur! Great to hear you are having such a wonderful time!
Duzilkree 10.06.2018
Do you know, that there is no Christian in the earth today? And it is even written in their bible.
Akinom 11.06.2018
the idea, is the malleability of heretical thinking. the emerging independence of german princes and merchant classes offered protestants in europe a safe space and allowed formerly heretical thinkers to air their beliefs. for quite some time they would be caught and executed, and Luther spent much of his life in hiding. there is no reason a similar reformation cannot happen in islam, and it is likely that it will come from these new enclaves of western islamic communities.
JoJokinos 13.06.2018
I love Muslims, I have friends that I wish would be saved by Christ for I want to live with them forever in Heaven. I did not put 'all Muslims in a bad light' I said that the revelations from their prophet are not good for their argument. The greatest enemy to a Muslim is theocratic Islam.
Shazilkree 17.06.2018
Tall people get attention. What would be any advantage to being taller outside our structured unnatural environments?
Jusar 20.06.2018
So you're saying politicians have no obligation to meet the needs and will of the people? That the vile maxim is in effect and the will of the people usurped?
Dinos 30.06.2018
This is exactly how I feel about the subject.