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...and they disagree. :)

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Hot teen banged
Hot teen banged
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Nikoran 30.03.2018
I became the Child of a God. Making me One too. What is making the human superior to the animal is his mental existence. What is making God superior to the human is His Emotional Existence. Man is governed by his mind. God is governed by Emotion. Mind is dead. Emotion is Life.
Juhn 08.04.2018
When bron leaves?
Faeshicage 16.04.2018
Someone has never read the fourth amendment.
Zugami 23.04.2018
You were the one laughing...not me. The quote suits you to a tee.
Mami 28.04.2018
That's not very many for 333,121 followers. Must be that followers don't follow all that closely. Maybe people don't care as much about our opinions as we like to think.
Voodoomuro 04.05.2018
Johan, you are a brother in Christ to me. Thanks for the reply. I can only agree with all the Scriptures you quoted. Not sure, though, if you do not share my opinion that 'the serpent' did not "have to" cause harm to Man. This spiritual entity had been around from before Man was created, and - in time (perhaps billions of years, our time), developed injustice in his heart, despite the beauty it was in himself.
Tek 13.05.2018
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Zusho 20.05.2018
See's those smart aleck answers "you should leave for work earlier" that would have me shaking out a giant sized box of roofing tacks at 5a.m. ??
Mauramar 30.05.2018
He didn't choose to do any wrong. Again, he was perfect. His choices are never wrong.
Jurg 06.06.2018
Fully agree. Andrea and her party's plan is a full on future disaster.
Fekree 10.06.2018
I know who Danica Patrick is. What does that have to do with this?
Dasida 12.06.2018
The so called big bang did not create a conscious being.
Gardazuru 17.06.2018
When I am out tonight driving for Uber, I will be prepared!
Zugul 25.06.2018
You can pick the perversions, but it changes nothing, of course. You can find parents who sexually abuse their children, but to say parenting is something bad and children should therefore be raised by the state or community would be fatuous.
Tushura 26.06.2018
There have been multiple studies.
Duhn 28.06.2018
Admit it is a hard issue.
Kigore 05.07.2018
if a bad guy goes to jail, it's a good thing.
Kazraramar 13.07.2018
UPDATE (23.00 25 May): Polling has closed. All signs are that the 8th Amendment will be repealed by an overwhelming majority vote. Prediction is that it will be 70 per cent in favour of repealing.
Dugore 16.07.2018
Okay, let?s say Americans only have two children max. How does that help overfishing in Asia or endangered species in Africa?